Slow, Smooth, Fast, Effective

Slow, Smooth, Fast, Effective


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A mantra I apply to product design

“Sluggish is clean, and clean is quick” is a standard mantra in marksmanship. The kernel of knowledge being: Don’t rush, make your actions rely, and also you’ll come out forward.

It’s impressed a mantra that I apply to product design:

Sluggish Clean Quick Efficient

Considering slowly about the issue supplies the perception and context wanted to unravel it holistically. Step again, and take a deep breath. Perceive your true goal. It’s in all probability not the very first thing that caught your eye.

Appearing easily signifies that your actions aren’t wasted. When you’ve recognized the true goal, your actions could be environment friendly, and targeted. You hit your goal with accuracy.

Shifting quick is a byproduct of accuracy. Lacking your goal creates pointless waste, forcing you to recalibrate, reload, and resight. Solely after you’ve hit your goal can you progress on to the subsequent one. Accuracy is quick.

Effectiveness is the byproduct of velocity and accuracy. In case you hit your targets easily and shortly, you’ve turn out to be an efficient marksman.

Discover that every step builds upon the earlier one: You will need to go slowly and easily earlier than you may be quick and efficient.

Give attention to being sluggish and clean, and the remaining will comply with.