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Startup / Blogs - 9 months ago

Cheering for Optimism and The Internet

Pay attention, If there's something I might want on you, greater than my work ethic, or my power, or my charisma, it might be the mindset and perspective of how good life actually is. I for one, was born within the former Sov...

Startup / Blogs - 9 months ago


Excited to be saying my third sneaker collaboration with Okay-Swiss, the GaryVee 003 Clouds & Dirt available for pre-order right now, with shipping and international orders on July 16. After two launches the place we had...

Startup / Blogs - 11 months ago

Wingify is changing the guard. Meet the new CEO.

Eight years in the past I met Sparsh Gupta, who give up his snug job in London and joined me to co-pilot a really younger and inexperienced Wingify. Through the years, we’ve labored collectively to construct probably the most quickly rising start...