9 Perfect Products for Devs

9 Perfect Products for Devs

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Last week, I advised you I’d present you how to satisfy your future as a maker: Take management and make stuff.

And, once you make stuff, make stuff that folks will actually use… even pay for.

There’s satisfaction available in making something, for positive. However getting different individuals on board with it? Flip that dial to 11.

The primary time a stranger gladly shoves cash at you for one thing you created with the facility of your thoughts is a day you'll always remember. (Plus who doesn’t like cash?)

So don’t simply make tasks, make merchandise.

And if you do, don’t let your self get caught in Product Sort Tunnel Imaginative and prescient. Don’t get caught considering you’ve received to both write a guide or construct a SaaS. Don’t psyche your self out.

Don’t bite off a giant product on your first go-round.

Keep in mind: Hundreds of thousands of individuals spend eight hours a day, 5 days every week, working within the software program and tech business, doing one million totally different sorts of duties. A lot of that work is irritating, sluggish, inefficient, crazy-making, or simply plain dangerous.


And the intersection between “methods you'll be able to assist” and “individuals who have issues and spend cash” is the pleased place.

Listed here are 9 best merchandise for
builders to make…

For serving different builders, or different individuals in your pure audiences.