5 Methods to Set up Recurring Tasks (and Stop Your Team Missing Deadlines)

5 Methods to Set up Recurring Tasks (and Stop Your Team Missing Deadlines)

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What's a recurring process?

Forgetting about your organization’s recurring duties is harmful, and may put your corporation in a clumsy place if it occurs too typically. That’s as a result of recurring duties make up crucial core set of actions.

They’re the duties in your workforce that you understand you’re going to should do commonly:

  • Proof a weekly publication
  • Flip in taxes
  • Schedule efficiency critiques

Historically, this might be managed with a calendar, Outlook, or the shaky reminiscence of whoever’s flip it's to remind the group.

Managing recurring duties in these sorts of the way isn’t ultimate and it has received the job achieved for companies of the previous, however there are smarter ways in which allow you to preserve mind power, manage your group’s work successfully and ensure you’re on prime of deadlines.

In any case, your staff all making an attempt to recollect what they’ve received to do on Monday morning is sufficient to get them crawling again to mattress with a headache.

Why you need to all the time arrange recurring duties

Any process that may repeat ought to all the time be set to recur, whichever technique under you employ.


Nicely, if you’ve acquired a bit of software program to create a brand new process, add a due date, assign and notify the assignee, that’s four jobs you don’t have to fret about any extra for each process you arrange. Time spent on admin work actually racks up, and the longer you do it the extra probably you're to journey up both by it becoming normal to overlook it, or simply human error.

Recurring duties are a part of setting your corporation on autopilot. Once you’ve acquired duties triggering off of due dates, you’re taking a step away from counting on reminiscence, post-it notes, and the right circumstances.

On this article, I’m going to elucidate 3 ways to arrange recurring duties with three totally different free apps.

Recurring process technique #1: Course of Road

We constructed Process Street particularly to deal with recurring tasks, so there are numerous options right here to help the use case. In Course of Road, checklists are constructed from duties and scheduled to recur both on a date/time, when an motion occurs in one other app, or when a member of your staff runs a guidelines.

To arrange a weekly recurring guidelines, first discover a guidelines you must full as soon as per week. I’m going to make use of our weekly sales prospecting checklist for instance to point out you easy methods to set it to run as soon as per week, and assign and notify a member of your gross sales group routinely.

Hit ‘Extra’ then select ‘Schedule a guidelines’. In that menu, you’ll discover the choice to set the guidelines to recur in weekly intervals.

Let’s assign duty to Dana, a gross sales rep.

… And there you go.

Recurring duties in Course of Road make assigning work a ‘set it and overlook it’ type of deal.

Recurring process technique #2: Trello Card Repeater

Trello is a implausible software for managing your one-off duties as a result of it’s really easy so as to add new playing cards, transfer them round, and label them. Because of the Card Repeater power-up, it’s additionally nice for recurring duties, particularly if you have already got them laying round in your board.

Choose power-ups from the right-hand menu, and select Card Repeater.

Then simply go into the cardboard you need to repeat and use the power-up, like this:

Recurring activity technique #three: Todoist

Whereas Todoist isn’t as superb for managing giant tasks with a number of individuals like Trello, or for managing processes like Course of Road, it is rather good at recurring duties.

As you'll be able to see under, it makes use of pure language interpretation to arrange a recurring activity if you sort into the brand new process field:

The cycle of arrows subsequent to the duty denote that the duty will recur each Monday any more, placing it prominently in your activity listing and holding you updated.

Recurring activity technique #four: Google Calendar

Google Calendar isn’t the nicest interface on the internet, neither is the tidiest when you have already got loads of occasions happening in your organization. Nevertheless, for some customers, it could possibly be probably the most user-friendly means on the market to create easy recurring duties and get reminders.

When you’ve created an occasion as regular, you possibly can go into it and set it to repeat, like this:

You possibly can add your workforce as visitors, and even put additional directions within the description, however as a result of Google Calendar isn’t actually a correct process administration surroundings, you’ll run into issues eventually operating your duties this manner, principally since calendar instruments on the entire aren’t optimized to behave or be used like process lists.

Recurring activity technique #5: Zapier + Course of Road

What occurs when you've got a process that you realize will recur, however you’re unsure when? What sort of repeat date do you placed on that?

Let’s say you have to run a support checklist each time you get an e mail from a selected shopper with ‘assist’ within the topic line. Positive, it’s a recurring process — the shopper breaks their system at the very least twice a month — however it’s an unpredictable one.

The essential concept is that you simply arrange a set off in Zapier (new e mail acquired) and hyperlink the motion to Course of Road (run a guidelines).

Right here’s the way to set that up:

Step one is to set Gmail because the set off, and use a search string like above to set off each time an incoming e mail matches these standards (e.g. you get an e-mail from dave@acme.co with ‘assist’ within the topic).

Subsequent, it is advisable to set the set off up for Course of Road. You possibly can see how I’ve accomplished that under:

So now we've a stream like this:

  • Dave from acme.co sends you an e mail with ‘assist’ within the topic line
  • Zapier, continually scanning for that search time period, catches the e-mail
  • Zapier tells Course of Road to run a guidelines and assign it to you
  • Course of Road runs a guidelines from the client help template and notifies you

This is only one instance from probably tens of millions.

The facility of utilizing triggers from different apps to create Course of Road checklists is insane, and could be the inspiration for getting your corporation systemized and operating easily, which reduces operating prices and retains your group making progress with much less stress.

In conclusion…

Right here we have now 5 strategies, however every one might be totally different for various groups, companies, and mindsets.

Private recurring duties work rather well in Todoist as a result of, at it’s coronary heart, it's a private activity supervisor. Recurring duties related to one-off tasks work nicely in Trello, since many groups will already use that for undertaking administration.

On your core enterprise processes and triggering duties when actions occur in different apps, give Process Street a try. Our free plan has all of the options, plus you get a free trial of premium whenever you enroll.

I hope this information has helped you save time, repetitive work, and mind cells together with your recurring duties. Any extra ideas? Let me know within the feedback.